– Why no crying? – Are you sure it’s okay for him to cry? – Should he/she sleep all at once from the age of 3 months? – Does co-sleeping make children dependent? – Will he sleep better if he gets very tired during the day? – What are extinction methods? Dormir sin llorar is a practical book written from the experience on infant sleep of its authors in their role as mothers, and also from the knowledge of different health professionals who have collaborated in its elaboration. It is a text born from the Parents’ Forum of, which currently has tens of thousands of users. This is the result of several years of work by the authors, which has taken shape as the only evolutionary book on sleep that currently exists. It is not conceived for a linear and continuous reading; the rhythm and order of reading are conditioned by the circumstances you are living in each moment. At each new stage, you can and should revisit the text with new eyes, which will lead you to discover new ideas for the nighttime wellbeing of the whole family. Reading Dormir Sin Llorar, The Book of the Web will allow you to know how babies’ normal sleep is and how it evolves; in this way, you will get to know their rest needs and you will be able to elaborate and apply your own personalized Sleep Plan, which will undoubtedly allow the whole family to rest. Thanks to the tools presented here, you will be able to create a unique method: without suffering, without crying, with love and patience.

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Begoña Sanz,

Cristina López,

Mercedes Salas,

Montserrat Reverte,

Rafaela López,

Roberta Bastiani,

Rosalina Márquez



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