Empezar a comer sano


Empezar a comer sano de Natalia Moragues
Empezar a comer sano de Natalia Moragues
Back Cover
Author Natalia Moragues
Pages 232
Year 2021
Bookbinding Paperback
Format 190 x 233 x 14 mm.

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If you have just had a baby or if you are a child health professional and want to learn how to feed a baby correctly, introducing them to healthy eating from the very beginning, this is the book for you.
The dietician-nutritionist and mother of two children Natalia Moragues tells us in this book how to establish healthy eating habits in the smallest of the house since they are just months old. Healthy eating can be learned; we can offer a diet and use a way of feeding our children that favours the acquisition of correct eating habits that will last in the medium and long term if we know how to do it. It is easy to make the mistake of offering foods that we have internalised as essential in children’s diets due to marketing and outdated and out-of-date advice that is not based on the latest scientific evidence.
With this book you will learn not only the theory, but also the practice of how to introduce a baby to healthy eating from the very beginning. You’ll learn the real-life implementation, with ideas, tips, tricks, suggestions and recipes to make teaching healthy eating simple and not a hard nut to crack.
Starting to eat healthily from early childhood is essential, because the growth and development of children at this stage will depend to a large extent on their diet, and because it will help to establish a good foundation, good eating habits and a good relationship with food from the very beginning.

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Natalia Moragues



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