Una civilización niñocéntrica


Una civilización niñocéntrica
Una civilización niñocéntrica
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Author Laura Gutman
Pages 192
Year 2018
Bookbinding Soft cover
Color Black and white
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Our civilization has long since lost its axis with respect to the nature of human beings. We were created to bond spontaneously with our environment, with sufficient respect and balance to live in harmony. However, today we are lost. We generate violence, abuse, war, disease and discomfort. The good news is that the changes to create a loving and supportive context depend on each one of us: adult women and men. In concrete terms, what can we do? We children have always been the most reliable guide. It is a matter of resuming the original path, we need to go back to the source. To the root. And the roots of human beings are children. The real children that are part of our environment, as much as the children that we have been or the children that will be born at any moment. Before, now or later, it is all the same. We children are born on axis with ourselves. We come to earthly life without language without culture without mandates without value judgments without morals without fear. We only intend to develop our self in harmony. A respectful, loving, solidary and beneficial civilization for all should be child-centered. That is to say, organized according to the needs of the smallest. Adapted to the smallest. Easy and joyful for the little ones. How would we do something like that? It is relatively simple. In all areas, we should be at the service of children, and not the other way around. We should adapt to whatever the child manifests or demands instead of expecting children to adapt to the comfort of adults. Until when? Until the child feels comfortable. That is the whole measure: a child’s comfort. That is why, in the present book, I offer concrete proposals centered on the original well-being of the human being, emphasizing the primary bonds, that is, the loving relationship between adults and children. I am sure that if we trusted the instinctive nature of each child, we would recover common sense, joy and prosperity. And, above all, we would recover something that we lost many generations ago: the ability to love others.

Laura Gutman is a researcher of human behavior and a writer. She has published twelve books, the latest of which, “A Child-Centered Civilization”, with Editorial OB STARE. Since 1990 and to date, she has given numerous seminars and conferences in different countries, focusing on the methodology of the construction of human biography. He directs the Training School in Human Behavior and Development and Methodology of Human Biography; and an online school attended by trainees from 25 countries. Contact: www.lauragutman.com.ar

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