Cuerpo de mujer


Caratula cuerpo de mujer reconectar con el útero de Mónica Felipe-Larralde
Caratula cuerpo de mujer reconectar con el útero de Mónica Felipe-Larralde
Author Mónica Felipe-Larralde
Pages 120
Year 2021
Bookbinding Paperback
Format 200 x 200 x 8 mm
Auditory material 1 Uterus purification
Auditory material 2 Right-handed uterus relaxation
Auditory material 3 Relaxation of the left-handed uterus
Auditory material 4 Inner uterine smile


Cuerpo de mujer offers you to follow a path of personal and spiritual empowerment. From spiritual teachings to modern psychology, women’s bodies have been undervalued throughout history. But there is one essential key to know: the uterus is a muscular organ. Practicing simple relaxation will allow you to unblock this organ and, thus, access the inner power that all women possess. This is a book that includes relaxation practices and exercises with which you can easily feel the beat of your uterus and its energy. Its reading is especially indicated for all women at any time of life: if you are a teenager, if you want to get pregnant, if you are already pregnant, if you are already a mother, during your menopause, if you have suffered a hysterectomy…, you will always have the possibility to increase your self-knowledge and enjoy more inner security and pleasure.
Woman’s Body is a tool for transformation and the awakening of femininity: a path towards the creative power of your inner self.

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200 x 200 x 8 mm


Mónica Felipe Larralde



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