Ebook · Una rEVOLución en la escuela


Una rEVOLución en la escuela
Una rEVOLución en la escuela
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Author Cristina Romero
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“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my Education”, Albert Einstein.

We adults are so used to directing and guiding children that we even believe we are helping them. With all good intentions, we look for ways to fill their daily lives with our most interesting and stimulating proposals and activities so that they don’t get bored, so that they learn a lot, so that they have a good education… We are unaware that we are distracting them and taking them away from their own internal learning program and that they will increasingly expect to be entertained from the outside instead of connecting with their inner listening.

But children come trained to optimally guide their learning from within. If the adults who accompany them allow them to do so… When a child begins to be guided in what is “good” for them to learn, they postpone their own internal learning program and delegate the development of their potential of their roadmap to adults. Adults then become “those who know”, and have the responsibility for their own learning. A child who has always been respected in his freedom to learn is simply able to listen to himself and follow the dictates of his heart. When a child has been continuously motivated from the outside, directed from the outside, he learns to silence his heart and to wait for the indications of others. But this happens because of the distrust of adults, according to whom children come to waste their time playing and doing things that do not suit them. As if playing did not correspond to a sophisticated evolutionary mechanism developed by our species that allows us to elaborate and understand the world in a simple and fascinating way for children… We adults, from our offices, elaborate “curricula” and “programs” and think “what, how and when” we have to “teach” children so that they learn. We believe that if we do not decide all that, children will not learn “what they have to learn”. Our educational interventions are based on mistrust or fear: towards children, towards us, towards life. The Educational System we know is a model that in its essence distrusts humanity and its ability to learn. It is a system that limits, models, directs, stretches and cuts children. We adults direct and pretend to control the lives of the little ones. We tell them what to do, what to learn, out of an unconscious lack of respect for them, for humanity, for life. We undervalue all the great potential they have inside to build themselves. We ignore or forget that each human being has his or her own internal, valuable, unique, living, legitimate learning program… that needs to be protected. We are too busy and preoccupied with our own goals and projects for the children to allow and conceive that theirs exist. And much less that their own desires or concerns are more appropriate than those we can propose to them… But let’s go little by little… What is learning?

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