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Parir sin miedo
Parir sin miedo
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Author Consuelo Ruiz Vélez-Frías
Pages 224

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Pain has been created and institutionalized by ignorance, and it is maintained because it constitutes a formidable instrument of power. The enemies of childbirth are four: ignorance, fear, pain and impatience. Never before was childbirth considered a disease, so it was never attended in hospitals, but there were some establishments, the maternity hospitals, where pregnant women who did not have an adequate home or who did not even have a home were attended. Maternity hospitals did not admit the sick, nor did hospitals admit laboring women. Before, people gave birth, ate, suffered and cured illnesses at home; sometimes they even worked at home, and each family enjoyed themselves at home as they pleased…. Even the last and final human activity, dying, took place at home, and in any activity the company of family and friends was assured, to laugh or cry together. In modern life, the home is only the place where one sleeps, washes and dresses, where everyone is just passing through and where, sometimes, the small family are real strangers, and the most important events, the alpha and omega of life, birth and death, take place outside the home and the family, among agglomerations of strangers.

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Consuelo Ruiz Vélez-Frías



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