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Lactancia materna de Carmen Vega
Lactancia materna de Carmen Vega
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Breastfeeding is not always easy, but it is possible
Is it possible to breastfeed multiples and premature babies? If you have little milk, can you breastfeed your baby? Pain and cracks when breastfeeding: is it normal, is it necessary to endure it at all costs, is it possible to breastfeed after a caesarean section, and is it possible? Breastfeeding is not always easy. There are situations that occur frequently and which in principle complicate satisfactory breastfeeding and lead to breastfeeding being abandoned. In this book you will find testimonies of real women, normal women who have had difficulties with breastfeeding or simply special circumstances that they have been able to cope with. Women who were more or less informed during pregnancy or with more or less support, but who in the face of adversity have sought help and resources to continue breastfeeding, and who have been able to and have known how to cope and have been able to enjoy it, with a spirit of struggle and self-improvement. The idea of this book is to encourage all women who want to breastfeed. So that they don’t give up if any problem arises. That they know who to turn to, that they see how other women, like them, have done it and that they have the necessary tools to face these adversities to face these adversities. It is also a practical aid for professionals involved in breastfeeding, both health professionals and breastfeeding counsellors.

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