Las cinco heridas que impiden ser uno mismo


Las cinco heridas que impiden ser uno mismo
Las cinco heridas que impiden ser uno mismo
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Author Lise Bourbeau
Pages 184
Year 2013
Bookbinding Soft cover
Color Black and white
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When a baby is born, it knows deep inside that the reason it has incarnated is to be itself by living diverse experiences. We all have the same mission when we arrive on this planet: “to live experiences over and over again until we can accept them and love ourselves through them”. At birth we focus primarily on the needs of our soul, which wants us to accept ourselves along with our experiences, flaws, potentials, weaknesses, desires, personality…. We all have these needs. However, soon after we are born, we realize that when we dare to be ourselves, we alter the world of adults or those close to us. And from this we deduce that it is neither good nor right to be natural. This painful discovery provokes, especially in the child, crises of anger, which become so frequent that we are forced to believe that they are normal. The child who acts naturally, who is balanced and who has the right to be himself does not go through this type of crisis. Unfortunately, this type of “natural” child hardly exists. I have rather observed that most children go through the following four stages: after knowing the joy of being himself in the first stage of his existence, he knows the pain of not having the right to be himself, which is the second stage. Then comes the period of crisis, of rebellion, which is the third stage. In order to reduce the pain, the child resigns himself and ends up creating a new personality to become what others want him to be. Some people remain stuck in the third stage during their whole life, that is to say, they react continuously, they are angry or in permanent crisis situation. In the third and fourth stages is when we create numerous masks (new personalities) that serve to protect us from suffering. These new personalities or “defenses” are five in number, and they also correspond to five great fundamental wounds that human beings experience. In my many years of observation, I have been able to verify that all the sufferings of the human being can be summarized in five wounds. In this book I present them in chronological order: in the order in which each of them appears in the course of life: REJECTION, ABANDONMENT, HUMILIATION, BETRAYALTY, INJUSTICE.

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Lise Bourbeau



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