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La placenta
La placenta
Author Robin Lim
Pages 250

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Imagine a world in which every human being is born with an intact capacity to Love. Let’s create it now! The Placenta. The Forgotten Chakra embraces respect for Culture and respect for Nature, while firmly grounded in scientific research, which confirms what midwives have long known: the most respectful, most timely, least invasive protocols are the best. This book tries to solve the miracle of sexual reproduction in all its complexity: would it be possible to talk about mothers, babies or their Placentas without delving into the realm of the Spirit? Of course not; sexuality is sacred territory. Still, for me the concept of religion/spirituality is a total mystery. I have no idea what “God” or “God-us” might be or look like. I wish I had the ability to be able to say what exactly I believe in, but I cannot. I have no answers for my spiritual questions and I have no name for the benevolence I beg to exist. This is not a comfortable place in which to find myself, but for me it is honest. So this book begins here, with my indescribable and perhaps unanswerable questions: what is the meaning of our birth? Are we, each of us, a piece of Peace? Where does Spirit live within us? Was it in our Placentas, which is why most of us feel we have lost something valuable and essential? I have the courage to hope that the discussion I begin here, and share with each of you, will revolutionize birth.

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