Saltando las olas


Saltando las olas
Saltando las olas
Author María Montero Ríos-Gil
Pages 316
Year 2003
Bookbinding Soft cover
Color Black and white
Format 150 x 210 mm.
Flap Yes

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It seems that the introduction to a writing grows in responsibility, if you think that these are the letters that the future reader will glance at to decide whether or not to return you closed to the bookshelf. Undoubtedly it is a predicament, because one (in this case one) tried not to face the wall and expects the caress of the weight of some eyes. At least I am aware that there are those who never read the introductions, so their gaze will go to any corner of the soul, if the books had a soul, something quite likely if we think that they also have a life of their own or, at least, the ability to snatch ours and immerse us in their stories. Sincerely, and in order not to waste the time of those who are looking for something else, I would say that this is not a scientific essay, although it is a scientific one. A word that sets in motion, and with a leap of its own, opens the maximum aspiration of the undersigned: to raise awareness. To express, to inform from science. Promoting critical awareness is part of the commitment that health professionals have to prevention. It is our responsibility to transmit knowledge, sensitivity and tools to avoid human suffering, providing arguments so that questioning and analysis allow us to take a position. This book does not pretend to be a manual of exactitudes, but rather tries to be a book of images. Perhaps, this expression, more appropriate for a painting than for a jumble of letters, clashes a little here. But this has really been the effort. The intention (I do not know to what extent achieved) was at all times to build from the words a visible image of the boy and girl who are growing up. The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” holds a great deal of truth. Things that become clear, ideas when they become evident, have a force that penetrates us deeply. Our truth is what we see when we look inside; that is why it constitutes us.

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Soft cover


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María Montero Ríos-Gil



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