Author Azucena Alfonsín, Carolina Garcinuño, Erika Irusta, VV. AA
Prologue by: Rosa Jové
Pages 260
Year 2011
Bookbinding Soft cover
Color Black and white
Format 150 x 210 mm.
Flap Yes

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The fifteen women who have come together for this project met through the network, sharing points of view through “laTribu 2.0” which has enriched us mutually. It is perhaps the first book on parenting written not by psychologists or pediatricians or gurus but by mothers who reflect, study and work while raising and nurturing our children with the love, respect and co-responsibility of our partners. The massive incorporation of women into paid work is possibly one of the most important changes in the history of mankind. It is logical that, as a result of this phenomenon, the work, family, productive and emotional landscape of society as a whole has changed. However, the impact of this change on the upbringing and education of children has been little studied. The measures we have come to call “conciliation” are timid, and the real willingness of society to change profoundly to adapt to the new needs of families and children seems scarce. Parenting has thus been convulsed in two apparently inverse but complementary directions: women’s exit into the labor market and women’s access to knowledge of their sexuality, the functioning of their bodies, conception, gestation, childbirth, breastfeeding, etc. Motherhood has changed, as has the very life of women who have arrived at the contemporary world, feeling masters of our destinies and our bodies and immersed in family and work models that are very different from traditional roles. If the first feminisms fought for the incorporation of women into the workplace and for the recognition of our rights to equality between the sexes, today, although we still have to fight against many forms of discrimination, we are beginning to realize that real equality is only possible when our rights to difference, respect for the peculiarities of our reproductive cycle, and respect for the rights of babies and children are respected.

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Soft cover


Black and white


150 x 210 mm.






Azucena Alfonsín,

Carolina Garcinuño,

Erika Irusta,

Ileana Medina,

Irene García Perulero,

Louma Sader,

Mª del Mar Jiménez Redal,

María Berrozpe,

Mireia Long,

Mónica Felipe Larralde,

Nohemí Hervada,

Raquel Tasa,

Vivian Watson



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