A NEW MATERNITY, thoughts of women on the Internet

We, the fifteen women that have got together for this project, met on the internet, exchanging points of view through “laTribu 2.0” which have benefited us all. This might be the first book not written by psychologists, paediatricians or gurus, but by reflective mothers who study and work and at the same time raise and feed our children with the love, respect and shared responsibility of our partners. Ileana Medina. The massive incorporation of women to paid jobs has probably been one of the most important changes in human history. It is logical that, after this phenomenon, there has been a productivity and affectionate change in the family and work environment of our society. However, the impact of this change on the raising and education of children has hardly been studied. The “conciliation” measures given are tentative, and the actual disposition of society to deeply change in order to adapt to the new necessities of the families and children seems to be scarce. Child-rearing has been, therefore, troubled in two ways that seem to be opposite but that are in fact complementary: the introduction of women into the labour market, and the access of women to the knowledge of their sexuality, the way her body works, conception, gestation, birth, breastfeeding, etc.

· Prologue · Introduction · You know, you can · Conscious pregnancy · Fruit of the gods · Sharing the cake? · For the third time, to somewhere where everything is possible · Oxytocin, the Love hormone · Why I gave birth to my child at home · The story of a birth · Loving myself after two caesareans · Healing your inner Girl · My fault · The colostrum revolution · The little ones also have breastmilk · Breastfeeding: love, food and pleasure · In light of the nightmare...

Cristina Romero

Cristina Romero is mother of three children. Speech therapist, psycho-motility therapist and special education teacher. She has been the Coordinator of Escola Liberi, a non ... See more


Mª del Mar Jiménez Redal

Mª del Mar Jiménez Redal es socióloga holística, co-autora del libro Una Nueva Maternidad, ex-ejecutiva, ex-urbanita y desertora de muchos ... See more

Ileana Medina

Periodista, profesora, funcionaria. Autora del libro "Desde el otro lado: las teorías sobre recepción de la comunicación de masa en América ... See more

Mónica Felipe Larralde

Mónica Felipe Larralde. Holds a master’s degree in Law, being a Specialist in Gender. Motivated by having read the books of Casilda Rodrigáñez and by ... See more


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