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Isabel Fernández del Castillo

After studying law, she changed direction and turned to complementary medicine. This training and practice and the vision of health from an eco-systemic perspective was decisive when it came to seeing childbirth as an intelligent and self-regulated natural process, and to writing the first version of La Revolución del Nacimiento (Edaf, 1994) in 1994. In 2003 she participated in the constitution of the Association El Parto Es Nuestro, and in 2006 she published the second revised edition of her book. She has been part of the group that developed the Clinical Practice Guide on Normal Childbirth Care (Ministry of Health, 2010). She currently collaborates with Tu Bebé Magazine and organizes training activities on Health, Maternity, Childhood and Environment with an eco-systemic perspective and health promotion through Terra Mater.

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