La nueva revolución del nacimiento


La nueva revolución del nacimiento
La nueva revolución del nacimiento
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Author Isabel Fernández del Castillo
Pages 404
Year 2014
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There are no more excuses. Science is demonstrating with overwhelming evidence that favoring the spontaneous process of childbirth and postpartum is a long-term investment in the physical, emotional, mental and social health of mothers and their babies. Studies show that every unneeded intervention leads to further interventions, that these increase the risk to the health of mother and baby, and that they can have long-term physical and emotional sequelae, affect the success of breastfeeding and weaken the bonding between them. The crudeness of hospital routines, their unnecessary nature in most cases, the arbitrary way in which they are applied and the fact that they are often imposed in an expeditious manner make medicalized childbirth care an area of repression and violence against the woman and the baby that is normalized and accepted. The pretext has always been safety. However, science has shown that the safety of normal childbirth does not depend on the use of sophisticated technologies that subdue the woman, inhibit childbirth and replace her physiology, but on respect for the conditions that favor its spontaneous progress: privacy, adequate surroundings, freedom of movement and expression, feeling safe and, above all, a state-of-the-art technology called respect. Not all countries medicalize care: it is not by chance that the most modern and respectful childbirth care systems are found in the most advanced countries in terms of women’s and citizens’ rights. And the countries with the lowest rates of interventions are also those with the best perinatal outcomes in the world, in all aspects. But let us not deceive ourselves: scientific evidence produces little change where the mentality does not change. Therefore, the first step is for all parties involved to become aware of the importance and significance of what happens at this crucial stage of life.

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Isabel Fernández del Castillo



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