El dolor del parto


El dolor del parto
El dolor del parto
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Author Verena Schmid
Prologue by Ibone Olza
Pages 172
Year 2016
Bookbinding Soft cover
Color Black and white
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The intention of the present study is not to demonize pharmacological analgesia or to exalt pain, but to fill a void represented by a possible alternative to medication and antiphysiological childbirth through natural analgesia and exhaustive information that provides the possibility of choice, weighing the pros and cons of each option in the balance of values and personal needs. The definition of childbirth as a psychosexual event and the sexual aspects of childbirth stimulated by pain propose a reconciliation between motherhood and sexuality that could heal many old wounds of women.

To read that childbirth “is an inner, initiatory journey and that openness to the child during pregnancy may be a woman’s most important and effective endogenous resource for reducing and transforming the pain of childbirth” is wonderful. His description of the psychology of childbirth and how, when the woman reaches that point of acceptance of pain, of abandonment, of letting go, many professionals sadly misinterpret the signs and think that this “I can’t take it anymore” has to be responded with interventions or surgery. As a Perinatal Psychiatrist, I would like to add that your reflections are especially valid for midwifery and obstetrics professionals.

I have been listening for years to the pain and concern of many birth attendants who often feel alone and abandoned with their fears and the intense emotions that childbirth mobilizes. Understanding how one’s own fears can affect the laboring woman and having one’s own coping strategies should be a compulsory subject for all those who attend births. Verena Schmid is a master in this area, and I trust that her text will be read by midwives and obstetricians. Verena Schmid approaches childbirth preparation as an education to freedom, to the degree of freedom that each woman wishes to have. I hope this is the case because, as she says, “if women were aware of the immense strength that dwells within them, they would not only change the birth scenario, but society as a whole”. Ibone Olza.

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