Una rEVOLución en la escuela

Cristina Romero

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A REVOLUTION AT SCHOOL. Waking up the sleeping dragon

"The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education", Albert Einstein.

As adults we are so used to directing and guiding children that we even believe that we are helping them. With the best intention, we try and fill their day with our suggestions and the most interesting and stimulating activities for them not to be bored, to make them learn a lot, in order for them to have a good education…
We ignore that we are in fact distracting and dragging them away from their own internal learning program. And that they will increasingly wait to be entertained in other ways instead of connecting with their inner voice. But children are capable of guiding their education properly from inside. If the adults allow them to do so...
When a child starts to be guided to learn those things that «suit him or her», the child puts off his own internal learning program and delegates the development of the potential of his road map in the hands of adults. Adults become «those who know», and they have the responsibility over learning itself.
Children whose learning freedom has always been respected are capable of listening to themselves and following their heart. When children have been continuously motivated from the outside, directed by the exterior, they learn how to silence their heart and wait for external indications.
This is why it happens from the mistrust of adults, who seem to think that children come to lose their time by playing and doing things that they do not need to do. As if playing did not correspond to a sophisticated evolutionary mechanism developed by our species which allows us to elaborate and understand the world in a more simple and fascinating way for the children…
From our offices, adults elaborate «syllabuses» and «schedules» and we think «what, where and when» we have to «teach» the children so they can learn. We believe that if we do not decide all of this, that the children will not learn «what they have to learn».
Our educational interventions are based on fear or lack of trust: towards children, towards ourselves, towards life. The Educational System that we know is essentially a model that does not trust in humanity and its capacity to learn. It is a system that limits, models, directs, stretches and trims children.
Adults direct and pretend to control the life of the young ones. We tell them what to do, what to learn, due to an unconscious disrespect towards them, towards humanity, and life.
We do not value the grand potential they have inside in order to build themselves.
We do not know or forget that each human being has his own, internal, precious, unique, viving, legit...learning program that needs to be protected. We are too busy and worried with our own goals and projects for the kids than to let them have and live their own. Neither do we allow the thought that their own desires or concerns may be more adequate than the ones we propose for them…
But let us go step by step
¿What is learning?

· Introduction · Infant doubts and petitions before starting school · Chapter 1: The internal learning program · Chapter 2: Learning detached from teaching · Chapter 3: The freedom of learning · Chapter 4: A historical overview · Chapter 5: Love at school · Chapter 6: The place of the family · Chapter 7: From teachers to facilitators · Chapter 8: The sleeping dragons · Chapter 9: All about invisible sleeping school strategies · Chapter 10: The awakening · Chapter 11: What to expect from a Dragon

Cristina Romero

Cristina Romero is mother of three children. Speech therapist, psycho-motility therapist and special education teacher. She has been the Coordinator of Escola Liberi, a non ... See more


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